Stonechats have arrived to winter in Gibraltar

Stonechat sexes

All photos taken using Canon 1DmkIV & EF600mmL F4 IS USM mkII

Autumn is a fantastic time not only for birdwatching in Gibraltar and nearby, but a great opportunity for some amazing bird photography.  Stonechats – Saxicola rubicola, is a great example and one of my favourite wintering birds in Gibraltar.  They are supremely bold and hold their ground brilliantly when approached (something which cannot be said of many birds!) and the colourful plumage never ceases to impress me.


Using some photographic creativity, it is possible to take some rewarding shots like the one above, which is a good example of how you can capture decent images utilising a slowish shutter speed and a low angle.  The fast F4 constant aperture of the lens helps diffuse the background nicely, referred to in the photographic world as ‘bokeh’ pronounced Boh-kay.  This helps makes the image ‘pop-out’


There are also creative ways of capturing a subject in more than one way, as you can see from the images above, we have one on or near the ground, one on a rock and the one below on a twig.  There are endless ways of capturing the same subject, making possibilities literally endless.  I always try and improve my images no matter how common a bird is or how many images of them you’v taken.  Always striving for perfection.


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