Birding & nature photography tours

Spring is nigh!  The first few Black kites have already started to arrive as a result of the great weather we’v been having lately.  This time of the year tends to be a busy one for Spring bookings with clients usually vying for the best dates.  Bookings are coming in thick and fast so we recommend you starting enquiring for availability now by sending an email to

Black Kite windfamrsBlack kites soaring over a windfarm

The bird of prey passage is specular with significant passage starting on the last week in February onwards, involving Black kite, Short-toed eagle, Booted eagle, Honey & Common buzzard, Griffon & Egyptian vulture,  all harrier species, various falcons, with possibilities of rarer migrant Lesser spotted & spotted eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, Bonelli’s eagle and more, all giving some magnificent views and photo opportunities.

Black-kite-earlierBlack kite closeup in flight

Black kites are particularly numerous and will not show away from a photographer giving a fair degree of concealment and fieldcraft, techniques which is always taught to our clients by our tour guide.  Our guide will help you maximise your cameras setting and help you stretch your abilities to achieve a high success rate of ‘keeper’ photos as well making you a better bird photographer


Black-kite-ve-gull-montageMontage of Yellow-legged attack on a migrant Black kite

Some of the aerial battled between the highly territorial and aggressive Yellow-legged gulls and migrant raptors such as this Black kite can be achieved.  We can help you achieve similar photos by being in the right place, at the right time with out local weather knowledge.

Black-Kite-ve-GullClose-up of one of the Yellow-legged gull attacks on a migrant Black kite.

Booted-EagleCloseup of a migrant Booted eagle

Mid-march and particularly April is a great month for Booted eagle with great close-up views to obtain some wonderful & memorable, images during your tour.  Both phases can be photographed although each require slightly different camera setting which will be explained by our tour guide.

Short-toed-EagleA migrant Short-toed page after having just crossed the Strait of Gibraltar.

Short-toed eagles are one of my favourite birds of prey and a favourite target of Yellow-legged gulls.  Extremely numerous during the first half of March.  Can provide great photo opportunities as they arrive tired having cross the Strait and also due to the slow flight action, giving the photographer plenty of time to compose and focus.

Griffon-planeA Griffon vulture preparing to land on a carcass

Knowing where to be can prove crucial in obtaining stunning images!  This is an unusual angle of a Griffon vulture coming in to land on a carcass to feed.  April – June are particularly good months for them across the Strait of Gibraltar.  A fair number of them succumb to tiredness and gull attacks, although many of them are rehabilitated and successfully returned to the wild, particular in Gibraltar with the assistance of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society raptor rehab unit.  You can also photograph them from bird hides (See below)


Imperial-Eagle-inside-WMA view from inside the bird of prey hides

Bird hide photograph is great for some individual species such as both Griffon & Black vultures, and possibly the best way to obtain great views and images of both Golden & particularly Spanish imperial eagle.  Hide are tall, super comfortable and protected & insulted from the elements, as well as providing eco-toilets.  Smoking is strictly prohibited though.  For more info on these bird hides and pricing click here 


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